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Del Norte Martial Arts Academy

Tae Kwon Do - Chung Do Kwan

Tae Kwon Do:


Translated literally from Korean, "Tae" means "to kick", "Kwon" means "to punch" and "Do" means "way" or "art". Therefore, Tae Kwon Do means "The Way of the Hand and the Foot".

In Korea, Tae Kwon Do has existed for many centuries. However, there were many other styles of martial arts that influence Tae Kwon Do until 1945 when the modern period of Tae Kwon Do began. In 1945 many masters of Tae Kwon Do gathered together for the intention to strip out the outside influences of Tae Kwon Do and replace the art with a more traditional style and to unite all the Tae Kwon Do school into a single style.

Today Tae Kwon Do is a world recognized sport with thousands of schools world wide. Tae Kwon Do is known for its emphasis on kicking techniques rather than punching. During a freestyle match between two experienced martial artists, they are expected to deliver 80% kicks versus only 20% punches. The reasoning behind this is that a kick is more powerful than a punch and the kick can be delivered further from the opponent than a punch.

Tae Kwon Do can be used for physical fitness and self-defense. However, Tae Kwon Do can benefit our day-to-day life. To the martial artist, Tae Kwon Do encompasses more than the skilled use of physical movements. It incorporates a way of life and a unique way of thinking that includes strict self-imposed discipline. Tae Kwon Do provides men, women, and kids with a stealth defense system that can be used as a means of protection but it also gives students confidence to achieve any demanding goal.

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