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Psalm 138:7

I am surrounded by trouble, but you protect me against my angry enemies. With your own powerful arm you keep me safe.


Del Norte Martial Arts Academy

Tae Kwon Do - Chung Do Kwan

Kids in Tae Kwon Do:


Parents know that if you give kids a choice they will choose to sit on the couch and watch TV or play video games. Exercising and physical activity is a great way for kids to have fun. Learning Tae Kwon Do is an excellent way to teach kids good habits, gain health benefits and to learn how to protect themselves against bullies.

In a perfect world children would not have to fear aggressive or mean people. However, as we all know there is an increase in bulling at school and kids may not know how to protect themselves against bullies or people with an aggressive behavior. Bullies will pick on others that seem innocent or meek.

Tae Kwon Do teaches kids to be more confident and self-assured. Bullies usually won't pick on other kids that exude confidence. A fit kid is a confident kid. Exercising will boost a child's brainpower and gives them energy. When kids improve their strength and stamina, they feel confident and it's easier to accomplish everyday tasks. Staying healthy will help kids keep a balanced lifestyle inside and outside the dojo.

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